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Web Development Specialists

We are Oracle experts with a solid background in business analysis and web application development. With our extensive experiences in diverse industries we are able to understand your needs and offer solutions to your current limitations.
We can offer you migration from a legacy system (Oracle Forms / Oracle Reports and Oracle ADF) to a low-code Oracle APEX application. We can also work on your current ERP software, making it tailor-made to your needs.
Everybody loves bug-free code, and we can help you review your code to ensure good quality. Embrace the positive culture among your development team and improve your code with a peer review. You’ll never regret doing it, as it's a game where everybody wins.
We will contribute to your company with an application optimized for user interface that works on mobile and desktop and is fast and efficient. All our code is safe and written according to quality standards.
With our security review we search for defects in code to prevent accidents.

Why Oracle APEX?

  • Suitable for a quick development of tools
  • Your development team can get the knowledge as well as the code and application
  • Your company productivity will be enhanced
  • Low code
  • APEX is already included in your Oracle database, without additional licensing costs
There’s a myriad of reasons why APEX use is constantly rising. If one had to describe it in just a few words, we would say: uncountable number of solutions defined by simplicity and lightness. And truly, APEX is the answer for a tiny application as well as for a gigantic organizational solution with heavy data flows and thousands of users

Application development

Everyday business challenges call for new projects and a change of processes. Whatever the reason might be, new opportunistic applications are a constant of the operation. We can help you build an application to address your specific requirements. And with APEX we can do that fast, making the application highly adaptive for future changes and flexible for updates.


Modernizing from Oracle Forms and ADF Application to Oracle APEX Application

Do you find your Oracle Forms / Oracle Reports / Oracle ADF to be outdated and obsolete? Oracle Forms have been around for quite some time now and are becoming out of date when integrating new applications. Other flaws on your way to the top involve outdated processes, disconnectedness, etc...

Your benefits from The RIGHT Thing solutions:

  • You get to communicate with a team experienced in Oracle technologies
  • Your current code will be analyzed
  • Your internal processes and applications will be revised and rebuilt if necessary
  • Your end users will find the products easy to use (better UX and UI)
  • You can choose among a variety of reporting solutions (APEX office print, BI Publisher, Jasper Reports…)

First, we analyze your existing application. We discuss the existing and desired functionalities with your team and we review your code. Following that, we make an estimate of our work and the connected costs. If you decide to migrate based on our evaluation and advice, we start with the migration of your Oracle application to APEX. Here, we must point out that at the first step, we reviewed your business processes and application not only to migrate, but also to refresh and modernize your application. As business analysis specialists, we want to emphasize that the process of migration is the right opportunity to rethink your processes. After the migration and launch of the modernized application, we evaluate the work together with your team.


Extension of your current ERP solution

Does your specific working process call for a tailor-made application compatible with your current ERP software? Every organization has gaps to fill within their existing ERP software and we can help you extend yours. Together with our wide range of ERP expertise and the low-code APEX, we can extend your ERP and improve your processes. We’ve worked with several ERP systems (Oracle EBS, Pantheon, SAP etc) and APEX is the right answer when looking for a solution for your specific working processes. We can adjust your current ERP to best suit your company or extend it with a custom-made application. Are you worried about the integration, your data flow or single sign on? Don’t be, APEX handles it all.

  • With APEX, you can develop your desired organizational processes
  • Your mobile workstations will work seamlessly with APEX
  • APEX works great with data-heavy downloads

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions with APEX

Make smart decisions with a better insight into your business. By obtaining data dispersed in various forms and presenting it in a modern dashboard accessible to your end users, you will gain a greater understanding across your organization. To sum up, with APEX BI solutions you will:

  • Get a better insight on your business with the help of modern dashboards
  • Have a clear and interactive review of your company’s data
  • You can access other databases - not only Oracle services
  • You will have a wide range of flexible widgets
    • Interactive reports - users can do it on the fly and save their own reports
    • Interactive grids
    • Oracle JET graphs

Code reviews

We follow conventions and standards for secure and high quality code, where we focus on peer code review (vs. automated). Peer code review is efficient, it takes a short amount of time and it is highly educational for your code producer. As we encourage everyone to be responsible for high quality code, with the peer code review, you establish a positive culture where everybody is part of the success of finding flaws in the code. 

Our conviction is that the improvement of the code must be treated as a success, as it is connected to saving money and improving the business. And not only that, it is an opportunity to share information for both the developer and the reviewer, making it an important opportunity for professional and personal growth.