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Have you found yourself facing a challenge? Do you need some guidance from professionals?

Today, processes in a company are constantly evolving, following your customers’ needs and demands. Together with the call for efficiency and speed, your business must deliver results quickly. Consequently, your infrastructure and mindset should be flexible enough to follow the changes.

Whether you're expanding your business, migrating from Oracle Forms or you simply need to rethink your processes to optimize your work, we are a team of APEX experts who will find the right solution for you.

Primarily, we share our passion for APEX, which we strongly believe is the right decision for your organization. You can read more about APEX and learn about all the benefits of APEX here.

Secondly, we excel in business analysis and process optimization resulting from our broad and diverse experience in different industries (aviation, logistics, telecommunications, public sector, automobile industry, textile industry etc.). Considering these two perspectives, you can be assured your company's objectives will be professionally analyzed and thoroughly addressed within your company’s IT environment.

We offer you IT consulting with project management and business analysis. Our approach is focused on delivering highly efficient processes within a timely manner. We are experienced in APEX development and together with our knowledge of Oracle systems and our understanding of business, we are confident we can bring a new level of efficiency to your business. To support your team and keep them up to date, we can additionally organize a training course for APEX.

In conclusion, The Right Thing Solutions will help your company move in the right direction and keep pace with the market demand and the changes in technology.


IT Consulting

Are you considering moving from Oracle Forms or another legacy system? Or maybe you just need to consult an expert to know you're on the right path. No matter what step you at, The Right Thing Solutions is here to offer you help and guidance. Keep reading and get to know what defines our IT consultation:

Technical background

Our professionals have in-depth technical knowledge that comes from years of experience addressing back-end issues and resolving technical challenges. We are experienced in Oracle technologies and mastering Oracle APEX is our daily task.

Critical thinking

Together with the understanding of business processes and the ability of critical thinking, your needs will be understood and your issues tackled in the right way. We know how to look at things from another perspective and offer you outside-the-box solutions you never thought existed.

Agile approach

Being agile is part of the game. Your team and our Oracle experts can discuss the best solution, sharing best practices and finding creative and smart solutions with an agile approach.

We write the code

Our proposed solution is not handed over to another team. We will build the solution for you. Our consultants fully understand your business needs and are also experts in development, able to talk to your professionals and deploy the right solution. With that, you will avoid the time-consuming step of handing over the project where misinterpretation is a common reason for a drop in quality. Your team will be grateful as they’ll save resources, and we’ll get the job done for you with frequent updates during the process. Furthermore, our transparent work policy gets your team remote access to the code, and once the work is finished, you receive your source code. No hidden code, no third parties involved.

Within consulting, we offer you IT project management, business analysis and APEX training. Last but not least, we not only help you analyze your business and manage the project, but we can also offer to develop the solution.


Project management

We can offer you multifaceted project managers with PMI:PMP certification with extensive experiences in agile and traditional approaches that have successfully led teams in diverse industries (real estate, e-commerce, aviation, automotive, textile, public sector etc.).

We are experienced project managers with technical backgrounds who understand your product and will be able to communicate with your IT team. With a strong feeling for the business processes, we will roll out a desired product considering all the aspects of your company.

We are PMP Certified


Business Analysis

Is your business at a tipping point and your legacy system is simply not up to the new processes? Our experts in business analysis are your solution. With their broad and diverse experience in process optimization, your company’s objectives will be thoroughly addressed within your company’s IT environment.

Together with business analysis, we can develop a full-featured solution for you.


Coaching and Training

Are you a new Oracle APEX user? Or maybe your in-house team is not able to handle the scale of work anymore? We offer remote or on-site coaching, tailored to your team’s needs. Our professionals can help you from the very basics to a deep dive into Oracle APEX.

Our experts contribute to educating by organizing the APEX Alpe Adria conference and APEX meetups in Slovenia.